The Wars We Fight

On a day like today,

After you’ve spent hours marinating over your victory speech

After the leaves have fallen off the trees

The wind is chilly

Like the words that are about to leave your lips

After your anger has subsided

and you realize you cannot build a society,

That only those who come after you can

Like David, you will make way for those who have surpassed your anger They will have that honor

On that day after you’ve fought and lost

and fought and lost

and fought and lost and won

and finally fought and won

On that day,

You’ll reach deep inside of you

and retire the anger that has been stored up inside you for so long,

You will return the vision you so carelessly stole away from yourself all those years ago,

You will make yourself into a martyr,

You will breathe the sighs of those who couldn’t speak before you,

You will drown in your own words,

Your own fear will replace your spite

And on that day once you can see again,

You will wake up and realize that the world has burned around you

And that while you fought a war that was only yours to win,

you’ve lost countless others

You will realize that the pressure of womanhood has taken your pride

That the stride of your sexuality has walked away with your sense of self

That all you are left with is a shell of someone you used to be

with none but one quality left

And you will cry,

and steal the vision from yourself again.



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