The Capstone Project ​

This year’s capstone project is centered around conducting research on the environemntal effects of the G.W.B. and its impact on the surrounding communities. As an Anthropology student, I am interested in how this project will help me develop skills in collecting oral histories. Unlike most anthropological and archeological research, this is a contemporary setting and deals with what I consider history in the making. The ways in which our local and state government deal with this community today, could pottentially affect the development of the country as a whole. Particularly in regards to environmental preservation and conservancy policy. I welcome the opportunity to conduct preliminary research in a contemporary setting, and am excited by the possibilities this project presents. It will give me the opportunity to engage with local communities and understand their collective narrative. Often times, these communities are overlooked socially, just as many communites have been overlooked historically. Through collecting data directly from community members, I hope to gain the kind of experience necessary to addequately document a communal perspective on their environment and pave the way towards real social and political change.

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