WeAct For Environmental Justice

I’m not entirely sure that I’ll have the opportunity to work with WeAct just yet, but this is definitely the organization I would pick to volunteer my hours. WeAct is an organization that works to defend environmental justice. Their goal is to advocate for underserved communities that don’t have as much political standing and therefore cannot advocate for themselves. One of their core beliefs is that everyone has the right to a clean and safe environment and that “environment” doesn’t necessarily have to mean large forests and furry animals. They understand that they work in an urban setting, and they tailor their project to fit their community’s needs. This is a sustainable project, built truly by the local community of upper Manhattan, for the community. It gives voice to the voiceless, advocates for realistic and attainable change, and does not quit until they see results. I would be honored to work for such a consistent, diligent, and most importantly, community-oriented organization.

Living in New York City, it’s easy to forget what nature looks like, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have an environment. What I most appreciate about WeAct’s purpose, is that they don’t ignore the people that live in the environment they’re trying to protect. Instead, they ensure that the people are at the forefront of every conversation and that they lead their own change. They mobilize the community and effectively create change within it.

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