Harlem One Stop

Harlem One Stop is an incredible non-profit organization in Harlem, New York. The organization was founded in 2006 with a vision of creating economic equity in uptown (Harlem, Washington Heights, and Inwood) New York. With the help and funding from the West Harlem Community Preservation Organization and the Arts & Business Council/NYSCA, Harlem One Stop has created a series of diverse and culturally enriching walking tours of Harlem. In these, they highlight the incredibly vibrant history that was created and is currently housed in the walls and streets of Harlem. In doing this, they hope to boost tourism to the area, therefore generating valuable income for these communities. They are truly an incredible organization, and they host a wide array of cultural music, dance, art, film, and poetry events amongst others, throughout the year. These help focus the purpose of the organization and create a safe and creatively stimulating environment for its residents and visitors.

In addition, the organization conducts research on the history of the neighborhoods, making note of their historical and architectural importance. This organization is truly a holistic experience for all residents and visitors in Harlem.


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